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kwim kroiD ngru bhu BirAw imil swDU KMfl KMfw hy ]

The body-village is filled to overflowing with anger and sexual desire; these were broken into bits when I met with the Holy Saint.

13-8, gauVI pUrbI, mÚ 4

AMqir lwig n qwmsu mUly ivchu Awpu gvwey ]

His inner being is not touched by anger or dark energies at all; he has lost his selfishness and conceit.

29-15, isrIrwgu, mÚ 3

kwim kroiD moih vis kIAw ikrpn loiB ipAwru ]

When you are under the power of sexual desire, anger and worldly attachment, or a greedy miser in love with your wealth;

70-12, isrIrwgu, mÚ 5

JUTw rudnu hoAw duoAwlY iKn mih BieAw prwieAw ]

All your weeping and wailing then is false. In an instant, you become a stranger.

75-10, isrIrwgu, mÚ 1

kwim kroiD n mohIAY ibnsY loBu suAwnu ]

Sexual desire and anger shall not seduce you, and the dog of greed shall depart.

136-1, mwJ, mÚ 5

clx swr n jwxnI kwmu kroDu ivsu vDwieAw ]

They do not recognize the ultimate reality, that we all must go; they continue to cultivate the poisons of sexual desire and anger.

145-16, mwJ, mÚ 3

hMsu hyqu loBu kopu cwry ndIAw Aig ]

Cruelty, material attachment, greed and anger are the four rivers of fire.

147-14, mwJ, mÚ 1

kwim kroiD ngru bhu BirAw imil swDU KMfl KMfw hy ]

The body-village is filled to overflowing with sexual desire and anger, which were broken into bits when I met with the Holy Saint.

171-6, gauVI pUrbI, mÚ 4

rUp hIn buiD bl hInI moih prdysin dUr qy AweI ]1]

I have no beauty, understanding or strength; I am a stranger, from far away. ||1||

204-2, gauVI pUrbI, mÚ 5

kTn kroD Gt hI ky BIqir ijh suiD sB ibsrweI ]

The heart is filled with anger and violence, which cause all sense to be forgotten.

219-12, gauVI, mÚ 9

kwm kRoD ibKu BUK ipAwsw ]

by sexual desire, anger, corruption, hunger and thirst.

224-4, gauVI, mÚ 1

ijau qnu ibDvw pr kau dyeI ]

The lonely widow gives her body to a stranger;

226-2, gauVI, mÚ 1

cwkrI ivfwxI KrI duKwlI Awpu vyic Drmu gvwey ]

Working for strangers is very painful; doing so, one sells himself and loses his faith in the Dharma.

246-19, gauVI, mÚ 3

AigAwnI min rosu kryie ]

the ignorant person shows his anger.

268-10, gauVI suKmnI, mÚ 5

scu swihbu siqgurU kY vil hY qW JiK JiK mrY sB luokweI ]

The True Lord and Master is on the side of the True Guru; and so, all those who oppose Him waste away to death in anger, envy and conflict.

307-2, gauVI, mÚ 4

inq JhIAw pwey JgU suty JKdw JKdw JiV pieAw ]

He grinds his teeth continually and foams at the mouth; screaming in anger, he perishes.

307-5, gauVI, mÚ 4

CUty kUMfy BIgY purIAw cilE julwho rIsweI ]3]

Leaving his pots and pans, and the bobbins wet with his tears, the weaver soul departs in jealous anger. ||3||

335-6, gauVI, Bgq kbIr jI

Eie prdysIAw hW ]

O my stranger soul,

410-19, AwswvrI, mÚ 5

siqgur sbid kroDu jlwvY ]

Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, he burns away his anger.

411-12, Awsw, mÚ 1

mnu prdysI AwieAw imilE swD kY sMig ]

My stranger soul has come to join the Saadh Sangat.

431-4, AwswvrI, mÚ 5

qqY qwmis jilEhu mUVy QQY Qwn Birstu hoAw ]

Tatta: In anger, you are burnt, you fool. T'hat'ha: That place where you live, is cursed.

435-5, Awsw, mÚ 3

kwmu kroDu kptu ibiKAw qij scu nwmu auir Dwry ]

Renouncing sexual desire, anger, deceit and corruption, he enshrines the True Name in his heart.

437-2, Awsw, mÚ 1

myry jIAiVAw prdysIAw ikqu pvih jMjwly rwm ]

O my stranger soul, why do you fall into entanglements?

439-5, Awsw, mÚ 1

scu khY nwnku cyiq ry mn jIAiVAw prdysIAw ]3]

Nanak speaks the Truth; focus your consciousness on the Lord, O my stranger soul. ||3||

439-8, Awsw, mÚ 1

myry mn prdysI vy ipAwry Awau Gry ]

O my dear beloved stranger mind, please come home!

451-16, Awsw, mÚ 4

durmiq BwghIn miq PIky nwmu sunq AwvY min rohY ]

Evil-minded, unfortunate and shallow-minded are those who feel anger in their minds, when they hear the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

493-1, gUjrI, mÚ 4

An kwey rwqiVAw vwt duhylI rwm ]

Why are you imbued with the love of another? That path is very dangerous.

546-8, ibhwgVw, mÚ 5

ikau n mrIjY jIAVw n dIjY jw shu BieAw ivfwxw ]1]3]

Why haven't I died? Why hasn't my life just ended? My Husband Lord has become a stranger to me. ||1||3||

558-7, vfhMsu, mÚ 1

mnmuK muih mYlY sbdu n jwxnI kwm kroiD ivxwsu ]

The self-willed manmukhs have filthy faces; they do not know the Word of the Shabad; in sexual desire and anger they waste away.

586-13, vfhMsu, mÚ 3

iqRsnw rwic n pr Gir jwvw iqRsnw nwim buJweI ]

I do not enter the houses of strangers, engrossed in desire. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, has satisfied my desires.

634-8, soriT, mÚ 1

kih rivdws audws dws miq prhir kopu krhu jIA dieAw ]3]3]

Says Ravi Daas, Your slave, O Lord, I am disillusioned and detached; please, spare me Your anger, and have mercy on my soul. ||3||3||

658-12, soriT, Bgq rivdws jI

jo jn qumrI Bgiq krMqy iqn ky kwj svwrqw ]1] rhwau ]

You are the Arranger of the affairs of those humble beings who perform Your devotional worship service. ||1||Pause||

695-16, DnwsrI, Bgq DMnw jI

Baujlu ibKmu Asgwhu guir boihQY qwirAmu ]

The Guru is the boat, to cross over the dangerous, treacherous, unfathomable world-ocean.

710-5, jYqsrI, mÚ 5

kwiF kuTwru ipq bwq hMqw AauKDu hir ko nwau ]1] rhwau ]

The Name of the Lord is the medicine; it is like an axe, which destroys the diseases caused by anger and egotism. ||1||Pause||

714-11, tofI, mÚ 5

mrsI hoie ivfwxw min qin BMgu hY ]6]

He dies as a stranger to his own self, and his mind and body are spoiled. ||6||

752-4, sUhI kwPI, mÚ 1

bsie kroDu srIir cMfwrw ]

Anger is the outcaste which hides within his body;

759-14, sUhI, mÚ 5

mhlu n pwvY iPrq ibgwnw ]5]

he cannot find the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, and so he wanders around like a stranger. ||5||

759-15, sUhI, mÚ 5

iqsu nwil gux gwvw jy iqsu Bwvw ikau imlY hoie prwieAw ]

I will sing the Lord's Glorious Praises with Him, if it pleases Him; how could I meet Him by being a stranger to Him?

766-11, sUhI, mÚ 1

swjn hovin Awpxy ikau pr Gr jwhI ]

I have my own friends; why should I go to the home of a stranger?

766-18, sUhI, mÚ 1

mnu prdysI jy QIAY sBu dysu prwieAw ]

If the man becomes a stranger to God, then all the world becomes a stranger to him.

767-5, sUhI, mÚ 1

mnu prdysI jy QIAY sBu dysu prwieAw ]7]

If the mind becomes a stranger to God, then all the world becomes a stranger to him. ||7||

767-7, sUhI, mÚ 1

gieAw kroDu mmqw qin nwTI pwKMfu Brmu gvwieAw ]

Anger and attachment have left my body and run away; I have eradicated hypocrisy and doubt.

773-7, sUhI, mÚ 4

inhclu hB vYsI suix prdysI sMqsMig imil rhIAY ]

Listen, O wandering stranger: that which you believe to be permanent, shall all pass away; so remain in the Saints' Congregation.

777-10, sUhI, mÚ 5

AMq kwil Bij jwihgy kwhy jlhu kroDI ]3]

In the end, they will run away from you; why do you burn for them in anger? ||3||

809-15, iblwvlu, mÚ 5

duKu drvwjw rohu rKvwlw Awsw AMdysw duie pt jVy ]

Pain is the door, and anger is the guard; hope and anxiety are the two shutters.

877-4, rwmklI, mÚ 1

bIrw bIrw kir rhI bIr Bey bYrwie ]

She calls out, "Brother, O brother - stay, O brother!" But he becomes a stranger.

935-10, rwmklI dKxI, mÚ 1

scu khY qw Coho AwvY AMqir bhuqw rohw ]

If someone speaks the truth, then he is aggravated; he is totally filled with anger.

960-15, rwmklI, mÚ 5

siqguru inrvYru puqR sqR smwny Aaugx kty kry suDu dyhw ]

The True Guru has no anger or vengeance; He looks upon son and enemy alike. Removing faults and mistakes, He purifies the human body.

960-19, rwmklI, mÚ 5

mnih n kIjY rosu jmih n dIjY dosu inrml inrbwx pdu cIin@ lIjY ]

Do not harbor anger in your mind, or blame the Messenger of Death; instead, realize the immaculate state of Nirvaanaa.

973-15, rwmklI, Bgq nwmdyv jI

spu ipVweI pweIAY ibKu AMqir min rosu ]

The snake may be locked in a basket, but it is still poisonous, and the anger within its mind remains.

1009-16, mwrU, mÚ 1

bkY n bolY iKmw Dnu sMgRhY qwmsu nwim jlwey ]

He does not speak empty words; he gathers in the wealth of tolerance, and burns away his anger with the Naam.

1013-10, mwrU, mÚ 1

ssiqR qIKix kwit fwirE min n kIno rosu ]

The sharp tool cuts down the tree, but it does not feel anger in its mind.

1017-17, mwrU, mÚ 5

so sUcw ij kroDu invwry ]

He alone is pure, who eradicates anger.

1059-18, mwrU, mÚ 3

kwm kroDu sbl sMswrw ]

Sexual desire and anger are very powerful in the world.

1060-9, mwrU, mÚ 3

kwim kroiD jlY sBu koeI ]

Everyone is burning in the fires of sexuality and anger.

1062-13, mwrU, mÚ 3

Aiq kroD isau lUJdy AgY ipCY duKu pwvih ]

They struggle with great anger; here and hereafter, they suffer in pain.

1089-14, mwrU, mÚ 3

suiK shij imlIjY rosu n kIjY grbu invwir smwxI ]

In celestial peace and poise, you shall meet Him; do not harbor anger - subdue your proud self!

1112-1, quKwrI, mÚ 1

ibnw siqgur bUJ nwhI qm moh mhW AMDwr ]2]

Without the True Guru, he has no understanding; he is lost in the utter darkness of anger and attachment. ||2||

1229-5, swrMg, mÚ 5

kwm kroD mhw ibiKAw rs ien qy Bey inrwry ]

Sexual desire, anger and the pleasures of terrible corruption - he keeps away from these.

1269-4, mlwr, mÚ 5

ieq auq foil foil sRmu pwieE qnu Dnu hoq ibrwno ]

Roaming and wandering here and there, the mortal finds only trouble; his body and wealth become strangers to himself.

1269-10, mlwr, mÚ 5

BMaukY kopu KuAwru hoie PkVu ipty AMDu ]

Anger barks and brings ruin on itself, blindly pursuing useless conflicts.

1288-13, mlwr, mÚ 1

nw ko bYrI nhI ibgwnw sgl sMig hm kau bin AweI ]1]

No one is my enemy, and no one is a stranger. I get along with everyone. ||1||

1299-14, kwnVw, mÚ 5

Ainq ibauhwr Acwr ibiD hInq mm md mwq kop jrIAw ]

My dealings are false, and my lifestyle is chaotic. Intoxicated with the wine of emotion, I am burning in the fire of anger.

1303-16, kwnVw, mÚ 5

kwm kroDu ngr mih sblw inq auiT auiT jUJu krIjY ]

Sexual desire and anger are very powerful in the body-village; I rise up to fight the battle against them.

1325-18, kilAwn, mÚ 4

mhw qrMg qy kWFY lwgw ]

He has rescued me from the most dangerous waves.

1348-18, pRBwqI, mÚ 5

kbIr prdysI kY GwGrY chu idis lwgI Awig ]

Kabeer, the robe of the stranger-soul has caught fire on all four sides.

1366-18, slok, Bgq kbIr jI

PrIdw bury dw Blw kir gusw min n hFwie ]

Fareed, with goodness; do not fill your mind with anger.

1381-19, slok, syK PrId jI

AwpxY roih Awpy hI dJY ]

hisanger, he only burns himself.

1418-12, slok vwrW qy vDIk, mÚ 3

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