Guru Granth Sahib believes in performing the mutual duties and responsibilites in the family setting.

1. Guru Arjun Dev ji says about an ideal family on page (Ang) 371 where the pivot in family is good natured lady.

"She is blessed with thirty two qualities and truthful and unblemished in her progeny .She is obedient ,sagacious and beauteous.She fulfills the wishes of the heart of her groom,the Lord.She has soothed ,in every way ,her husbands's younger brother's wife and her husbands's elder brother's wife.In all the family ,she is the noblest.She is the counselor of her husband's younger brother and elder brother.Blessed is the house,where she has really entered because she abides in peace and bliss" The concept of

2. Guru Ram Dass says on Page 1200

"Why O son,you quarrel with your father? It is a sin to quarrel with him who begot you and brought you up"

3. Guru Nanak says on page 433

"One simple plan to make our family happier is to learn and practice to control Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Hankar in our lives.By controlling Kam one becomes a viritous person , controlling Krodh one becomes a fighter to fight only against injustice, controlling Lobh one acquires the qualiy of contentment, Controlling Moh one learns to practice True love and by controlling Hankar one acquires the quality of self esteem with humility "

4. On page 64

"Beholding your family ,you are lured away by emotional attachment ,but when you leave,they will not go with you."

5. On page 70

"They drown themselves,and drown their entire family,speaking lies,they eat poison."

6. On page 70

"When you are wrapped up in the attachment of household and family,sometimes feeling joy and then other time sorrow."

Thus Family In Sikhism is framed as per the guidelines laid down by SGGS.

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