The Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the holy scripture and the guiding Guru (spiritual master) of the Sikhs worldwide. The scripture is written in Gurmukhi script spanning several languages of the Indian subcontinent including Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, etc.

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Since about 1960, it has been translated into many languages such as English, French, Hindi, Urdu, etc. In 2000, the French translation was completed by Dr Jarnail Singh, a Toronto based Sikh. A formal ceremony was held on February 22, 2000 when the Chief Election Commissioner, Dr M.S. Gill, released four volumes of the first-ever translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in French by Dr Jarnail Singh at a function organised by Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan in New Delhi, India. The French Cultural Secretary in New Delhi, Dr. Jean Marie Lafont and Sikh historian, Dr J.S Neki were also present at the ceremony. Read the news article below for more details.

Guru Granth Sahib or Sri Granth Sahib Ji, is more than just a scripture for the Sikhs. The Sikhs treat this Granth (holy book) as a living Guru. The holy text spans 1430 pages and contain the actual words spoken by the founders of the Sikh religion (the Ten Gurus of Sikhism) and various other Saints from other religions including Hinduism and Islam.

The SGGS was given the Guruship (spiritual throne) by the last of the living Sikh Masters, Guru Gobind Singh ji in 1708. Guru Gobind Singh said before his demise that the Sikhs were to treat the guru Granth Sahib as their next Guru. The Guru said, “Sab Sikhan ko hokam hai Guru Manyo Granth” meaning “All Sikhs are commanded to take the Granth as Guru”. So today if asked, the Sikhs will tell you that they have a total of 11 Gurus. ( 10 in human form and Guru Granth Sahib).

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Guru Granth Sahib in French Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH, Feb 22, 2000 — The Chief Election Commissioner, Dr M.S. Gill, released today four volumes of the first-ever translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib into French by Toronto based academician, Dr Jarnail Singh at a function organised by Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, in New Delhi.

Mr Mohinder Singh, Director of the sadan, in a statement, here today said Dr Jarnail Singh was working on the project for the past 15 years. Dr Gill presented the volumes to Dr Jean Marie Lafont of the French embassy in India.

Dr Gill said in his speech it was necessary to translate the message of the gurus, the bhaktas and the saints of India in different Indian and foreign languages to reach the book lovers world over.

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