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The Gúoyǔ (Traditional Chinese: 國語; Simplified Chinese: 国语) is a classical Chinese history book that collected the historical records of numerous states from Western Zhou to 453 BCE. Its author is unknown, but it is sometimes attributed to Zuo Qiuming, a contemporary of Confucius. The Guoyu was probably compiled beginning in the 5th century BC and continuing to the late 4th century BCE. The earliest chapter of the compilation is the Discourses of Zhou 1.


Table of Contents
01周語Discourses of Zhou
02魯語Discourses of Lu
03齊語Discourses of Qi
04晉語Discourses of Jin
05鄭語Discourses of Zheng
06楚語Discourses of Chu
07吳語Discourses of Wu


  • 1 Michael Loewe, ed., Early Chinese Texts: A Bibliographical Guide (Berkeley: The Society of the Study of Early China, 1993), 264.

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