Guillaume Pierre Godin (Guilhem de Peyre Godin) (c. 1260 – 1336) was a French Dominican theologian, and Cardinal[1].


He was born in Bayonne and spent his early years in south-west France.[2] He was an early opponent of Duns Scotus at Paris, where he was briefly in 1292.

He was master of the Sacred Palace from 1306. His work there as lecturer was important in creating the Dominican orthodox Thomist position.[2]

He was papal legate in Spain from 1320 to 1324. He from 1326 was engaged in demon-hunting episcopal trials in the area of Cahors and Toulouse.[2].

Charitable works

He gave money for church construction[3]. He is represented in a fresco at the Couvent des Jacobins at Saint-Sever[4] His coat of arms figures in the vaults of the church of Saint Dominique at Toulouse[5]; and did in the vaults of Bayonne Cathedral until the 19th century[6].


He is now considered the author of the polemical work De causa immediata ecclesiasticæ potestatis, which in the past has been attributed to Peter Paludanus, now dated to around 1318[7].


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