Gregory V was the Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church between 1193 and 1194.

Upon the death of Catholicos Gregory IV the Young his throne was occupied by his sister's son Vahram, who took the name Gregory V of Cilicia. He was still of a young age and according to the chronicler Smbat Sparapet 'he did not display the same obedience to everyone as previously when he was under a tutor, rather he ruled the patriarchy in a willful manner, as his mother's brother wished'. This caused envy amongst the more senior churchmen and brought many charges against him implying that he was not capable of being Catholicos. They brought these claims to the king Levon I of Armenia many times until he relented and had Gregory imprisoned in his palace of Hromkla Fortress. Word spread of his imprisonment and people attempted to free him to no avail. Catholicos Gregory was moved to the fortress of Kopitar and brought before King Levon. The agitated residents of Hromkla secretly sent Gregory word to prepare to escape and convinced the lord of the fortress to free him, but the Catholicos misinterpreted this message and attempted to free himself. He took linen and hung it out to descend from the fortress one night but fell to his death when the rope broke. His body was taken to Drazark where he was buried near the tomb of his uncle Gregory IV.

Preceded by
Gregory IV the Younger
Catholicoi of the Holy See of Cilicia
Succeeded by
Gregory VI of Cilicia

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