The Greek-Catholic Church of Virgin Mary's Birth

The Greek-Catholic Church of Virgin Mary's Birth (Slovak: Gréckokatolícky kostol narodenia Panny Márie) is located at Moyzesova Street in the historic centre of Košice, Slovakia.

Greek Catholics started to settle Košice in the 17th century. As late as in 1852 their bishop established a chapel in Košice. Till then, the divine services were served in the Franciscan Church, rarely at Premonstrates or in the St. Michael Chapel.

In 1880, the community were able to buy grounds neighboring with the chapel and to build the church in the Neo-Romanesque style in the years 1882-1886.

In the Communist era of former Czechoslovakia, the church was given to the Orthodox Church after banning the Greek Catholic Church. After 1990, it was returned back to the Greek Catholics and the church was restored and repaired.

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