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Governorates of Palestinian

After the signing of the Oslo Accords, the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip were divided into three areas (Area A, Area B, and Area C) and 16 governorates under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian National Authority.

Area (km2)
West Bank 2,817,047 5640
Gaza Strip 1,499,369 360
Total 5,416,416 6,000

West Bank

Palestinian National Authority
Coat of arms of the Palestinian National Authority.svg

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1 On June 14, 2007, President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed Haniyeh's government and appointed Fayyad to form an emergency government. However, Haniyeh and Hamas maintain that these actions were illegal and that Haniyeh is still the Prime Minister. Haniyeh still exercises de facto authority in the Gaza Strip, while Fayyad's authority is limited de facto to the West Bank.
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Northern Governorates

Area (km2)
Jenin Governorate 450,301 581
Tubas Governorate 69,615 372
Tulkarm Governorate 177,694 239
Nablus Governorate 555,847 592
Qalqilya Governorate 100,753 164
Salfit Governorate 66,136 191
Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate 410,328 844
Jericho Governorate 44,961 608
Jerusalem Governorate 415,942 344
Bethlehem Governorate 185,572 644
Hebron Governorate 710,898 1060
Total3,117,047 5,640

Gaza Strip



Area (km2)
North Gaza Governorate 290,843 61
Gaza Governorate 524,001 70
Deir el-Balah Governorate 216,494 56
Khan Yunis Governorate 290,399 108
Rafah Governorate 177,632 65
Total1,499,369 360


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