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Goritsky Monastery

The Goritsky Monastery of Resurrection (Russian: Горицкий Воскресенский монастырь) is a Russian Orthodox convent (female monastery) in the village of Goritsy, Vologda oblast, Russia.[1]

It was established in 1544 by knyaginya (duchess) Euphrosinia Staritskaya.[1]

In 1920s it was shut down by Bolsheviks. In 1970s it became part of Kirillo-Belozersky museum-zapovednik of History, Art, and Architecture (based on the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery). Since 1990s a small community of nuns started to live in the convent.

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Coordinates: 59°51′51″N 38°15′31″E / 59.8641666767°N 38.2586111211°E / 59.8641666767; 38.2586111211ru:Горицкий монастырь (Горицы)

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