Gondelbert, also in ancient times named in various manner [1] is a foundator of a merowingian ban around 640 or 650 in the vosgian mountains, near Saales, at the locus Grangia Fossa, today La Grande Fosse. He died certainly after 679.

This papae senonis was believed in the eleventh century a supposed bishop of Sens in France by the benedictan monks of Senones Abbey in Vosges, that preserved his name as founder of the first monasterium in Senonis [2].

Ther are no doubt he has been a christian political actor as the traditional inhabitants kept his memory. He has given orders to religious monks. But his religious statut doesn't convince at all except at the end of his life[3]. Many facts of his life prove he was very courageous ; he may have studied originally in Luxeuil[4].

He since adopted by prestigious benedictans is now a Catholic and Orthodox[5] saint.


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  5. Feast day 21 February.

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