Gokoku-ji (main hall)
Honden (Main Hall)
Denomination Shingon Buzan-ha
Founded 1681
Founder(s) Keishō-in, Ryōkei
Address 5-40-1 Ōtsuka, Bunkyō, Tokyo
Country Japan
Website Gokoku-ji homepage homepage

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Gokoku-ji (護国寺?) is a Shingon Buddhist temple in Tokyo's Bunkyō.


This Buddhist temple was established by the mother of the Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi.

  • 1680 (Enpō 8): Gokoku-ji is founded in Edo.[1]

In 1873, Emperor Meiji declared Gokoku-ji the Imperial mausoleum and several of his children are buried there, as well as Emperor Meiji himself. It remains the Imperial mausoleum today.

Gokoku-ji is also famous as the central temple that oversees the practice of Japanese tea ceremony in all the country's temples.

Famous People Buried

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  • For an explanation of terms concerning Japanese Buddhism, Japanese Buddhist art, and Japanese Buddhist temple architecture, see the Glossary of Japanese Buddhism.


  1. Titsingh, Isaac. (1834). Annales des empereurs du japon, p. 414.


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Coordinates: 35°43′18″N 139°43′32″E / 35.72167°N 139.72556°E / 35.72167; 139.72556


zh:護國寺 (東京)

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