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Hand Space Mimicry

A CCH process.

Handwriting Drill

If the C/S can't read the worksheets due to bad handwriting or lack of data he sends the folder back to the auditor for clarification. The auditor should overprint unreadable words with a red pen. The C/S sees to it that his auditors catch up on writing understandable reports the first time and can have them train in handwriting drills to catch up on speed and clarity. The auditor should not have to spend a lot of time after session clarifying worksheets. He simply has to drill how to write fast and legibly, keep to essentials and quickly clarify worksheets after session. He may have to work on his handwriting letter by letter to make it easier to read.


Slang term for the work and title of one's post in an organization. (Derived from railroad use of distinctively different hats to indicate different jobs.)


The concept of being able to reach. Owning, possessing, experiencing. Affinity, reality, communication with the environment.

More fully, it is the willingness and ability to reach into a mass or space or energy or time, pervade it, duplicate it and communicate with it coupled with the willingness and ability to not reach into a mass or space or energy or time, pervade it, duplicate it and communicate with it if one so chooses. Both have to be present, as well as the freedom to self-determinedly choose between them.

hidden standard

A problem a person thinks must be resolved before auditing can be seen to have worked. It's a standard by which to judge CT or auditing or the auditor. This hidden standard is always an old problem of long duration. It is a postulate counter-postulate situation--the source of the counter postulate was suppressive to the pc. (Abbr. HS)

high TA

Tone arm reading above 3.5 on the tone arm dial at start of session.

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