Glenn Beck has been a conservative radio talk show host since 2001. He hosts the Glenn Beck show on CNN Headline News. He was born in Washington and started in radio at the age of thirteen, when he won a local radio contest to be a DJ for an hour. Between the ages of thirteen and fourteen, he worked for a country music station, a Christian music station, and a rock station. By the age of eighteen, he had his own morning show. Despite his early success, he suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction, and by age thirty was facing divorce. He worked to recover, and remarried. In the process, he began a long and arduous search for faith, investigating churches and philosophies along with his family. He worked in Washington, Salt Lake and Florida. While working in Salt Lake he worked for Latter-day Saint employers. He converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism) in 2000. He has openly and poignantly shared his conversion story. (See external links.)

He took over for a fired radio personality, and his talk show went from 18th to 1st place in the ratings within a year. It is now the third highest rated talk show among adults aged 25 - 54. Beck interviews guests and talks about issues of the day while including humorous anecdotes. On occasion, he mentions the Church and its leaders as well. His television show deals mainly with human interest stories and special guests.

Beck has two daughters from first marriage, the eldest with cerebral palsy. He relocated his radio program to Philadelphia from Florida in order to live close by. He has adopted children with his second wife, Tania. His show is heard through many markets throughout the United States. He also has written books about America as well.

Beck publishes a conservative magazine called Fusion Magazine. His broadcasts are available online at, as is his newsletter.

In 2009 Beck launched his "Common Sense Comedy Tour." NCM Fathom and Mercury Radio Arts presented an encore showing of Glenn Beck's Common Sense Tour, live from the Midland Theatre in Kansas City. The performance was recorded on June 4, 2009. The one-night event showed in selected theaters on June 11, 2009. The performance examined common sense, which according to Beck, is no longer common:

"Glenn spares no one, including politicians and celebrities, as he takes a look at the state of our culture and the frightening lack of common sense, especially in Washington.

Explore the comedy behind the chaos that has become America. Hear the tales and revisit the wisdom that our grandfathers and forefathers relied on to build America."

Radio and TV Programs

  • Glenn Beck can be heard on XM satellite radio on channel 165, 9 a.m.-noon ET.
  • Click here for radio affiliate stations airing his show from 9 a.m. to noon.
  • Glenn Beck can be seen on Fox News, every weeknight at 5 p.m. EST.

Books by Glenn Beck

  • An Inconvenient Book - Real Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems
  • The Real America - Messages from the Heart and Heartland
  • The Christmas Sweater
  • Common Sense: The Case Against an Out of Control Government (Inspired by Thomas Paine)

Glenn Beck describes his conversion to Mormonism.


Glenn Beck pays tribute to Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley:


External Links

Glenn Beck's conversion to Mormonism videos:

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