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Glanfeuil Abbey (Abbaye de Glanfeuil, also known as Abbaye de Saint-Maur-sur-Loire), was a French Benedictine monastery in Anjou. The village of Saint-Maur-sur-Loire is in the commune of Le Thoureil, in the diocese of Angers and the modern department of Maine-et-Loire.

In a long history, it was founded in legend by Saint Maurus, according to the account of abbot Odo of Glanfeuil; or by Benedict of Nursia himself, the teacher of Maurus. There is now an official view that the founder Saint-Maur, or Maurus of Glanfeuil, is a distinct person.[1] The site is thought to be that of a Gallo-Roman villa, and the religious community may date back to the sixth century.[2]

Glanfeuil claimed to be the oldest Benedictine foundation in Gaul. A scholarly view makes Rorgon I of Maine the founder or patron, in 824.[3] Odo became abbot in the 850s. In 868 the monks of Glanfeuil founded a second monastery, at Saint-Maur-des-Fossés.

The abbey was destroyed by the Normans, but rebuilt. It was suppressed in 1790, as a result of the French Revolution. Then it was refounded in the surviving structures, in 1890, by Louis-Charles Couturier.[4]


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