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Giovanni Boccamazza[1] (died 1309) was an Italian Cardinal. He was from the Roman nobility, related to the Savelli[2] family and was a nephew of Pope Honorius IV.

He was made bishop of Monreale, near Palermo, in 1278, and was there at the time of the Sicilian Vespers (1282). After fleeing Sicily. [3], he was made cardinal-bishop of Frascati on 22 December in 1285[4], by Honorius IV.

He was then sent as a papal legate to northern Europe. He attended the significant synod of March 1287 in Würzburg, considered as a German national council.[5]

He participated in five papal conclaves, which saw the elections of popes Nicholas IV in 1288, Celestine V in 1294, Boniface VIII in 1294, Benedict XI in 1303 and Clement V in 1305. He became dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals in 1302.


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