Gilles de Paris (died ca. 1139–1142) was a Cardinal-Bishop of Tusculum from 1123 until 1139.

He was born in Toucy and became archdeacon at Paris. In 1119 he entered the monastery of Cluny. Pope Callixtus II created him cardinal-bishop of Tusculum probably in March 1123 (or in December 1122). He served as papal legate in Poland and Hungary in 1120s but the exact time of this legation is uncertain (1123–24 or 1125–27). Then he was legate in Outremer 1129–1130. He did not participated in the double papal election, 1130, but on his return from Syria he gave his support to antipope Anacletus II. In the following years he served as his legate in France. After the death of Anacletus he reconciled with the pope Innocent II, who restored his cardinalatial dignity on May 29, 1138. However, on the Second Lateran Council in April 1139 he was deposed again together with the other former adherents of antipope. He died no later than at the beginning of 1142.


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