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Ghalib Afendi (or Ghalib Efendi, or Sharif Ghalib bin Musa'ed) (Arabic: غالب أفندي‎) (Turkish: Gelib Efendi) was the Sharif of Hejaz (Governor of Hejaz) from 1788 to 1808 and from 1811 to 1813.

Notes and References

  • This picture and family decendent website was provided by Al-Sharif Mujahid Bin Talib Bin Rafiq Bin Sadiq Bin Ahmad Adnan Bin Abud Al Mutalib Bin Ghalib Bin Musaad الشريف مجاهد بن طالب بن رفيق بن صادق بن أحمد عدنان بن عبدالمطلب بن غالب بن مساعد, official website of AlSharif Ghali AlGhalib



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