Archbishop Gerardus Gul, Jansenist Old Catholic Bishop of Utrecht

Gerardus Gul, Old Catholic Archbishop of Utrecht (1892-1920).

Gerardus Gul (1847–1920) was a bishop of the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands. He was consecrated Archbishop of Utrecht 11 May 1892. Many Old Catholics and Independent Catholics trace the lineage of their orders through him.

On 21 November 1897 at Bern he was a co-consecrator of Anthony Stanislaus Kozlowski of Chicago to be a bishop for the Polish Catholic Church of America. The main consecrator was Eduard Herzog of the Swiss Christian Catholic Church; the other co-consecrator was the Theodor Weber of the Old Catholic Church of Germany. On 29 September 1907, at Utrecht, Gul was the main consecrator of Franciszek Hodur, from Scranton, Pennsylvania, for the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC), assisted by Johannes Jacobus van Thiel, Bishop of Haarlem, and Nicholas B. P. Spit, Bishop of Deventer. On 5 October 1909 he consecrated Jan Maria Michał Kowalski, the first Minister Generalis (Minister General) of the order of the Mariavites.

In 1908, the Union of Utrecht approved the establishment of a mission in Great Britain. On 28 April 1908, Archbishop Gul consecrated Father Arnold Harris Mathew to be the first Old Catholic bishop in the United Kingdom. Assisting Gul were Bishop Johannes Jacobus van Thiel of Haarlem, Bishop Nicholas B. P. Spit of Deventer, and Bishop J. Demmel of Bonn, Germany.[1]


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