Gerardo Allucingoli (died 1208) was an Italian cardinal and cardinal-nephew[1] of Pope Lucius III, who elevated him in 1182.

He was canon of the cathedral chapter in his native city of Lucca. After the election of his uncle to the papacy (September 1, 1181) he was named Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church (ca.1182/84), and then cardinal-deacon of S. Adriano (probably in December 1182). He signed the papal bulls between January 2, 1183 and April 19, 1204. He was Cardinal Vicar General of Rome from 1184 until 1188. He participated in the papal election, 1191 and papal election, 1198. He was elected bishop of Lucca in 1195 but Pope Celestine III did not ratify this election. Legate in various parts of Italy on several occasions. Cardinal-protodeacon from 1205. Pope Innocent III appointed him spiritual and secular vicar of the Kingdom of Sicily in April 1204. His name appears for the last time in the document dated July 20, 1208.


  1. W. Maleczek, p. 78 says that his relationship with pope Lucius III and the surname Allucingoli are not proven

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