George Smeaton (1814–89) was a Scottish theologian ordained to the ministry of the Church of Scotland at Falkland in the Presbytery of Cupar (1839). He was among the numerous ministers who emerged in 1843 during the Disruption to form the Free Church of Scotland. Smeaton was a divinity school classmate and contemporary of such men as Robert Murray McCheyne and Andrew and Horatius Bonar.

He was appointed professor at the Free Church College in Aberdeen (1854), and later became Professor of Exegetical Theology at New College, Edinburgh (1857).

Significant works

  • The Doctrine of the Atonement, As Taught by Christ Himself (1868), Banner of Truth, 1991.
  • The Doctrine of the Atonement, As Taught by the Apostles (1870), Banner of Truth, 1991.
  • The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (1882), Banner of Truth, 1961.
  • The Scottish Theory of Ecclesiastical Establishments (1875), Reformation Bookshelf CD's, Vol. 25


  • John W. Keddie, George Smeaton: Learned Theologian and Biblical Scholar (Evangelical Press UK, 2007) ISBN 9780852346365

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