George J. Musey (1928—1992) was a Traditionalist Catholic bishop from Galveston, Texas.

He was ordained a priest on May 22, 1952 by Bishop Wendolin Nold of Galveston. Musey was consecrated to the episcopate on April 1, 1982 in Acapulco, Mexico, by Bishop Moises Carmona assisted by Bishop Adolfo Zamora. Carmona and Zamora had been illicitly consecrated by Pierre Martin Ngô Đình Thục without the permission of the Pope, thus incurring latae sententiae excommunications. Musey's consecration was therefore also illicit, incurring the same penalty.

From 1982 until early 1984, he was asscociated with Bishop Louis Vezelis. Vezelis later distanced himself from Musey over Musey's numerous subsequent ordinations.

He died on March 29, 1992.[1]


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Episcopal Lineage
Consecrated by: Moises Carmona
Date of consecration: April 1, 1982
Consecrator of
Bishop Date of consecration
Louis Vezelis August 24, 1982
Conrad Altenbach May 24, 1984
Ralph Siebert May 24, 1984
Philippe Miguet December 2, 1987
Michel Main December 8, 1987

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