Professor George Menachery, editor of the St. Thomas Christian Encyclopedia of India[1] (b.1938 in Kerala) retired as Post Graduate Professor and Head of the Dept. of English from the St.Thomas'College, Trichur, now Thrissur. At present visiting professor of Christian Art at the Pontifical Theology Institute, Alwaye (1984-the prsent);an executive committee member of the Expert Committee for the study of the Churches in Kerala, Directorate of Census Operations, Kerala (Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi); member of executive committee Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai and Vice-Chairman Institute for Christian Studies , Chennai;and a member of the Governing Body of the Christian Chair of the University of Calicut, he was executive member of the Kerala History Association (1975-90), Kerala Government Advisory Board of Archaeology (1975-82), University Senate, University Statutory Finance Committee, Kerala Sahitya Academy...He is also the National Vice-president of the Church History Association of India.

Connected with many institutions and organisations interested in the study of history and culture, founder and consultant for many historical and cultural societies and museums in Kerala (from 1973), he has a large number of research papers on history and culture to his credit, presented at nationaland international seminars during which he could visit and conduct research in libraries and museums in twenty odd countries.He was elevated to the membership of the Pontifical Equistrian Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope Benedict XVI in early 2008.

Major Works

Menachery has published many books and scores of learned papers hundreds of articles in various historical journals and periodicals in addition to scripting, researching, or directing television documentaries/serials and delivering many radio talks.[2] His major works are the following:

  • The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India (ed.) (Vol.II 1973, Vol.I 1982, Vol.III 2009?)[3];
  • The Indian Church History Classics - Vol. I The Nazranies


  • Thomapedia, (2000)[5];
  • Glimpses of Nazraney Heritage, (2005)[6];
  • Pallikkalakalum Mattum (Malayalam)(1984)[7]


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