George Karakunnel is an Indian Theologian.[1] He is a Catholic priest of the Eparchy of Kothamangalam. He teaches systematic theology in St. Joseph's Pontifical Institute , Mangalapuzha, Aluva[2] Kerala, India. He has a Doctorate in theology from Gregorian University, Rome. He also has a Master's Degree in the Philosophy of Religions from the University of London. He is a member of the International Theological Commission in Vatican.[3]

His major works are The Christian Vision of Man,(Asian Trading Corporation, Banglore, 1984), Advaita and Liberation[4], (Asian Trading Corporation, Banglore, 2004), The anthropological foundations of christology in the pastoral constitution on the Church in the modern world "Gaudium et Spes" (S.H. League, Aluva, 1984), Sabha: Adisthanangalum Abhimukhyangalum , Sabhayum Suvisesha Dauthyavum, Atmeeyanveshanangal, Sabha: Danavum Dauthyavum (S.H. League, Aluva, 2004). He has received the Bishop Jerome Award and KCBC Media Award.[5]These books are available in International Library Catalogues.[6]


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Biographical Note in Sabha: Danavum Dauthyavum, Alwaye, 2004

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