George C. Schneller
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Denomination Orthodox Anglican Communion
Senior posting
See Anglican Orthodox Church
Title 2nd Presiding Bishop
Period in office 1991 to 1994
Predecessor James Parker Dees
Successor Robert J. Godfrey

George C. Schneller was the second presiding bishop of the Anglican Orthodox Church, and Metropolitan of the Orthodox Anglican Communion. He was consecrated in 1991 by the Rt. Rev'd Laione Q. Vuki of the Anglican Orthodox Church of Polynesia. In 1994 he resigned his position as Presiding Bishop due to ill health. Archbishop Schneller served his alma mater (1973) as the second President of Cranmer Seminary during the same period. He died June 8, A.D. 2000, bequeathing his episcopal vestments, library, and holy vessels to Archbishop Scott Earle McLaughlin and the Orthodox Anglican Church.

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