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This article is about the Templar who died in 1314. For his nephew who died in 1356, see Geoffroi de Charny.
Geoffrey de Charney, or Geoffroy de Charnay, was Preceptor of Normandy for the Knights Templar, burned alive along with Jacques de Molay in 1314. Charney was accepted into the Order of Knights Templar (at the age of "sixteen, seventeen or thereabouts") by brother Amaury de la Roche, the preceptor of France, in Étamps of the diocese of Sens. Present at the ceremony were brother Jean le Franceys, preceptor of Pédenac. Geoffrey de Charney was initially sentenced to lifetime imprisonment with de Molay, and was burned with de Molay in 1314 after both proclaimed their innocence, recanting torture-induced confessions. De Charney's nephew was Geoffroi de Charny, whose widow first put the Shroud of Turin on display later in 1357. mk:Годфруа де Шарнеј

sv:Geoffroy de Charney

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