Gavin W. Jones is an Australian academic who has written about growing Muslim populations.

"Research Interests: Determinants of nuptiality and fertility change, population and development issues, particularly related to human resource development, population policy, urbanization and the dynamics of mega-urban region development." [1]

  • Nomination Committee (2002-05), International Union for the Scientific Study of Population
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Population Research

Selected publications

  • (Jointly edited with Kamilini Ramdas) (Un)tying the Knot: Ideal and Reality in Asian Marriage, Singapore: Asia Research Institute.
  • (Jointly edited with Mehtab Karim) forthcoming Islam, the State and Population Policy, London: C. Hurst and Co.
  • 2003 "White Australia, National Identity and Population Change", in Laksiri Jayasuriya (ed), The Legacy of White Australia: Race, Culture and Nation, Perth: University of Western Australia Press.


  1. Gavin W. Jones, Singapore University, accessed April 15, 2008.

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