Saint Frideswide (c. 650October 19, 727), (according to a legend), was daughter of King Didan and Safrida. She founded a church near Oxford, but Prince Aelfgar of Mercia decided to marry her. She refused his advances, hiding from him in a tub in the forest. When she returned to Oxford, Aelfgar besieged her until he was struck blind. Although Christ Church, Oxford is claimed to be the site of her abbey and relics, this is under debate.

Saint Frideswide is the Patron Saint of Oxford. Her feast day is October 19. In art she is depicted holding the pastoral staff of an abbess, a fountain springing up near her and an ox at her feet. The fountain probably represents the holy well at Binsey.

She is also known as Friðuswiþ (Frithuswith), Frevisse or Fris. In Old English, Friðe = peace, swiþ = strength.

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