Frauenzell Abbey or Priory (Kloster Frauenzell) was a house of the Benedictine Order located at Brennberg in Bavaria in Germany.

Ertl Frauenzell

Engraving of Frauenzell from the "Churbaierischen Atlas" of Anton Wilhelm Ertl, 1687

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the monastery was founded in 1321 by Reinmar of Brennberg. At first a cell or priory of Oberalteich Abbey, it was granted the status of an abbey in its own right in 1424.

It was dissolved in 1803 in the secularisation of the period. Some of the buildings were used for the accommodation of the school and the minister's house; the rest were sold to the villagers.

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Coordinates: 49°03′21″N 12°22′14″E / 49.05583°N 12.37056°E / 49.05583; 12.37056

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