Francis Watson is a Christian scholar and professor of New Testament Exegesis at the University of Durham. [1] He formerly taught at the University of Aberdeen where he was the Kirby Laing Chair in New Testament. Watson is a respected scholar in the areas of biblical interpretation and the theological interpretation of Scripture. He has an MA and DPhil from Oxford.

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Selected publications

  • Text and Truth: Redefining Biblical Theology. Eerdmans, 1997; 2009.
  • Paul, Judaism, and the Gentiles: Beyond the New Perspective. Eerdmans, 2007. [2]
  • Paul and the Hermeneutics of Faith. T. & T. Clark, 2004.
  • Agape, Eros, Gender: Towards a Pauline Sexual Ethic. Cambridge Univ. Press, 2004.
  • Text, Church, and World: Biblical Interpretation in Theological Perspective. Eerdmans, 1994.
  • Paul, Judaism and the Gentiles: A Sociological Approach. Cambridge, 1986. [3]


  1. Notice of appointment to Durham, May, 2007.
  2. This is a revision and expansion of his disseration which was originally published with Cambridge in 1986.
  3. This is Watson's published disseration.

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