Francesco Alciati (2 February 1522 – 20 April 1580) was an Italian Cardinal. A native of Milan, he became one of the most important law professors in Milan. His best known student in Pavia was St Charles Borromeo. He excelled in science and literature and was a model of erudition. Under Pius IV he became a bishop, datary, pro-camerlengo, Cardinal deacon of S. Maria in Portico and Cardinal priest of Santa Susanna. He became Protector of the Order of the Carthusians and Protector of the kingdoms of Spain and Ireland to the Holy See. Under St Pius V he became vice-penitentiary and later grand penitentiary.

He died in office and was buried in Rome in the Carthusian Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.ja:フランチェスコ・アルチャート no:Francesco Alciati pt:Francesco Alciati

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