Styles of
François Marty
CardinalCoA PioM
Reference style His Eminence
Spoken style Your Eminence
Informal style Cardinal
See Paris

Gabriel Auguste François Marty (18 May 1904 – February 16, 1994) was a Roman Catholic Cardinal and Archbishop of Paris.

He was born in Vaureilles, Pachins, in France. His family were farmers. His first baptismal name was Gabriel but he used his second one, François, to avoid confusion with a classmate also named Gabriel Marty. He was educated at the Seminary of Rodez and the Catholic Institute in Toulouse. He was ordained to the priesthood on June 28 1930 in Rodez. He worked as a pastor in the diocese of Rodez from 1930 until 1951, and then served as vicar general of the diocese to 1952.


Pope Pius XII appointed him bishop of Saint-Flour on February 1, 1952. He was promoted to be titular Archbishop of Emesa and appointed coadjutor bishop of Reims. He succeeded to the metropolitan see of Reims on May 9, 1960. As Archbishop of Reims he attended the Second Vatican Council. He was elected Vice-president of the Episcopal Conference of France from May 31, 1966 to May 26, 1969 and was then elected its president, serving until October 24, 1975. He was transferred to the metropolitan see of Paris March 26, 1968.


He was created and proclaimed Cardinal-Priest of San Luigi dei Francesi in the consistory of April 28, 1969. He took part in the conclaves that elected Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II. He resigned the pastoral government of the archdiocese, January 31, 1981. He lost the right to participate in any further conclaves when turned 80 years of age in 1984. He died on February 16, 1994 in a car and train accident.

Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Luigi Agostino Marmottin
Archbishop of Reims
Succeeded by
Émile André Jean-Marie Maury
Preceded by
Pierre Veuillot
Archbishop of Paris
Succeeded by
Jean-Marie Lustiger
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