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Israelite pillared house

A model of a typical Israelite house, the so-called four room house.

Reconstructed israelite house, Monarchy period2

A reconstructed Israelite house, Monarchy period, 10th-7th cents b.c.e. Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

4 room house (archiology)

Reconstructed ground-plan

The Four room house is the name given to the typical mud brick Israelite house in the iron age Levant. [1] It is so named because its floor plan, the only remaining portion in archeological sites, is divided in four sections. It is also called a pillared house because three ground-level "rooms" are separated by two rows of wood pillars holding the second floor.

The house masters lived on the second floor, the ground floor being used as a manger for animals and for storage.


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  • Archeological remnants : [1], [2].
  • Reconstituted four room houses: [3], [4], [5].

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