Govindgarh Fort, Amritsar

Artillery attacks were frequent when Punjab was still open to depredations of the Afghan hordes. This early 19th century fort designed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh showcases special defence mechanisms against such attacks. However, unfortunately the fort is now with paramilitary forces and is not open to visitors.

Bathinda Fort

This schooner-shaped fort stands like a ship in a sea of sand. With a design that is suited to the desert environment, this fort is reputed to be 1,800 years old. It is said to have been built by Bhatti Reo. In 1754 AD it was captured by Maharaj Ala Singh of Patiala. A small gurdwara commemorates the visit of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji here.

Shish Mahal

Situated 30 km south of Ferozepur, this fort is about 700 years old. It is noteworthy for the hall of mirrors and wall paintings. Also called Faridkot Fort, its halls of mirrors were copied in Rajasthan style and were the prayer rooms of the ruling family.

Qila Mubark, Patiala

Founded in 1764 by Maharaja Ala Singh, this was originally a kuchi-garhi or a mud fort. The mud fort was later raised into a sprawling, double-storied structure with a massive gate boasting beautiful arches. The highlight of the fort is its museum.

Bhadurgarh Fort, Patiala

This fort, situated 6 km from Patiala, was built by Maharaja Karam Singh of Patiala in 1837, replacing the fort that was erected by Nawab Saif Khan in 1658. It has two circular ramparts and is surrounded by a moat and covers an area of 2,100 sq meters. This rather compact, but nicely designed citadel currently houses the Department of Police.

Anandpur Sahib Fort, Ropar

Anandpur Sahib was defended by five forts. They have all become victims of the ravages of war and time. The central fort, Anandgarh Sahib is still extant in parts. Its highlight is the deep well that can be approached by a flight of stairs.

Phillaur Fort, Ludhiana

Designed by Dewan Mohkam Chand, the brave general of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, this fort faced the British border along Ludhiana. It houses a police training centre now.

Shahpur Kandi Fort, Pathankot

7 km from Pathankot, this 16th century fort nestles at the foot of the Himalayas and overlooks the river Ravi. It is a comfortable rest-house now.

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