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Wisdom kings

Five Wisdom Kings. Front left is a protective deity: the Heavenly King Zōchō, and back left another one: Heavenly King Kōmoku.


The Wisdom King Gundari.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, the Five Wisdom Kings (五大明王|Wǔ Dà Míngwáng), also known as the Five Guardian Kings are a group of Wisdom Kings who represent the luminescent wisdom of the Buddha and protect the Five Wisdom Buddhas. The Five Kings are usually defined as:

    • Acala (Bùdòng Míngwáng 不動明王)
    • Trilokavijaya (Jiàngsānshì Míngwáng 降三世明王)
    • Kundali (Jūntúlì Míngwáng 軍荼利明王)
    • Yamantaka (Dàwēidé Míngwáng 大威德明王)
    • Vajrayaksa (Jīngāng Yèchā Míngwáng 金剛夜叉明王)

The Five Wisdom Kings inhabit the Womb Realm. They are organized according to the directions of the compass:

/Jīngāng Yèchā Míngwáng


/Dàwēidé Míngwáng


/Bùdòng Míngwáng

(principal deity/ meditator)

/Jiàngsānshì Míngwáng


/Jūntúlì Míngwáng



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