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Finn Wagle
Photo by Kirkens informasjonstjeneste

Finn Wagle (born June 19, 1941 in Oslo) is the current bishop of Nidaros in the Church of Norway. He is also the current preses (Primus inter pares, “first among equals”) and thus presiding in the Bishop's Conference in the Church of Norway.


Wagle enrolled as a student at MF Norwegian School of Theology in 1962, and graduated in 1968 with the cand.theol. degree. The following year he graduated from the Practical Theological Seminary at MF. He studied in 1966/67 in Berlin with a Willy Brandt Scholarship.

He then served in the army as an army chaplain (1970) before working as a vicar in Sørreisa in the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland from 1970-75. From 1975 to 1981 he worked as an assistant professor at the Practical Theological Seminary at MF Norwegian School of Theology, while at the same time working for the Association of Ministers in the Church of Norway. From 1981 he worked as director of the institute Church Educational Center (IKO), and in 1989 he became the dean of the Nidaros Cathedral.

In 1991 he became the bishop of Nidaros.


Preceded by
Kristen Kyrre Bremer
Bishop of Nidaros
Succeeded by
Tor Singsaas

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