Father Yod, whose real name was James Edward Baker, was the founder of the Source Family.

Life of Father Yod

Baker was born on July 4th 1922. As an adult he served in World War Two as a United States Marine and earned a Silver Star medal. After his time in the military he moved to California to become a stuntsman. He grew tired of this and began studying a variety of religions and philosophies. He was even a Vedantic monk for a short time. In 1969, Baker founded The Source Restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant on the Sunset Strip. He had many famous regular customers such as Marlon Brando and John Lennon. At this time he also founded a religious commune called the Source Family, which lived with him in a mansion in Hollywood Hills. They made most of their income on The Source Restaurant and a psychedelic rock band they formed called Yahowa 13. In 1974, Yod began to get in trouble with the law do to his polygamous marriage to several members of the Source Family being discovered after one of his children had to check into a hospital. He sold The Source Restaurant and the mansion to move the group to Hawaii. It was there that he died a year later when he attempted hang-gliding for the first time.


Father Yod's teachings revolved mainly around the 7 Great Principles of Truth.

  • The Principle of Mentalism-All is the mind. The universe is mental.
  • The Principle of Correspondence-There is harmony between the the planes of manifestation.
  • The Principle of Vibration-Motion is manifest in everything in the universe.
  • The Principle of Polarity-All manifested things have two sides and two poles.
  • The Principle of Rhythm-Everything has measured motion. A back and forth between the two poles.
  • The Principle of Cause and Effect-Everything happens for a reason.
  • The Principle of Gender-The masculine and feminine aspects of being are present in all life.

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