Fabrice Hadjadj is a French writer and philosopher, born in 1971 in Nanterre by Jewish parents of Tunisian heritage. He was raised in Judaism but had a nihilistic attitude for many years, until he converted to Catholicism. His first work, an essay entitled "Réussir sa mort", has gained the Grand Prix catholique de littérature in 2006. Currently Hadjadj teaches philosophy and literature in Toulon. He is married and is a father of four daughters.


  • Fabrice Hadjadj, La Terre chemin du ciel, Éditions du Cerf, 2002
  • Arcabas - Hadjadj, Passion Résurrection, Éditions du Cerf, 2004
  • Fabrice Hadjadj, Réussir sa mort, Anti-méthode pour vivre, Presses de la Renaissance, 2005 (Grand Prix catholique de littérature)

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