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To every point there must be a counterpoint; and to every theist an atheist. Religion in and of itself, leaving god out for now, has caused more suffering than all of the "godless" humans on Earth combined. Religion holds a monopoly on terror, murder, narccisism, burnings, segregation, and feminism. To say that the world could not exist without religion is a blatant lie; we can't survive any longer with it. I am not saying that god isn't real, but the way we worship him is the greatest disorder to ever befall us as a species.

Why people believe

First, lets get this straight. The christian bible was originally 6 books; the church burned the five that didn't suit them. In the one remaining book, a TALKING SNAKE gets the first humans to eat a SPECIAL FRUIT. It sounds like they ate a special mushroom already. After a while, a BURNING BUSH tells a man to sacrifice his son after it TALKS TO HIM. Well, the burning bush definitely made him hear voices and kill his son. Did he hear god? No. He just got high and stabbed somebody in my opinion. The foundation of religion is flawed at best. People say "it can't just have been chance that the living conditions on Earth are perfect". They aren't. We adapted to suit the environment, it wasn't just perfect for us, or for life in general. Not everything surviving evolved with a natural place in a perfect way either. There were a lot of species that died out because they didn't have a sustainable place or niche. Also, there are more atheists in the world than theists, so you are outnumbered and dying out. Priests raping children doesn't help religion either.

This will get taken down so fast

Everybody is going to try to edit this out, but please don't. Mock me on this same page if you feel inclined to, but let both sides be heard. If my arguments are really as blaspemous and stupid as you likely think, then there is no reason to remove this page. Nobody here would even believe them anyway if my arguments are flawed. Trust in your fellow theists, don't remove the page that other believers might want to see, even if only to ridicule it. This is a religion wiki, and atheism IS a form of religion, it is the counterpoint in fact.

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