An evangelical atheist is an atheist who is not content merely with his own lack of faith but is also obsessed with (i) censoring expressions of faith by others and (ii) attempting to sow disbelief in others around him.

Examples of techniques used by evangelical atheists include:

  • claiming that goodness is not achieved through attending religious services or reading the Bible
  • denying the atrocities committed by anti-Christian zealots
  • criticizing religious institutions even though secular institutions are worse. For example, evangelical atheists like to harp on sex abuse in religious institutions without admitting that sex abuse in public schools is worse. One report prepared for Congress estimated the number of public school students subjected to sex abuse to be as high as 4.5 out of 50 million, though that estimate includes verbal abuse.
  • claiming to be smarter or superior than people who have faith
  • using evolution as a weapon against Christianity

Organizations devoted to evangelical atheism, which may include some or more of the above characteristics, are growing. One organization, the Evangelical Atheist, puts down Americans on its website by saying, "A new poll from the First Amendment Center reveals that I may have misunderestimated [sic] the American people. They are far more ignorant than I had believed ...."[1]

See also


  1. The Evangelical Atheist - Tyranny of the Majority

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