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Eva Mónica Anna Ekvall Johnson (born March 15, 1983 in Caracas, Venezuela) is a TV hostess known for her various TV shows with Televen, specially in the show Las Rottenmayer. She was a finalist in the Miss Universe 2001 contest. Eva has a degree in communications from Universidad Santa Maria in Caracas. Ekvall is fluent in both Spanish and English since she has lived in the United States in the past, and because she attended Academia Washington, a bilingual school in Caracas. She held the title of Miss Venezuela in 2000 and was the third runner-up in the 2001 Miss Universe pageant. She is also famous among Venezuelan fashion magazines including Ocean Drive and Sambil among others.[1]

Ekvall's father, Eric Ekvall, is an American who has lived in Caracas for the past twenty years and worked as a "political consultant". She is the first non-Christian won the title of Miss Venezuela, she is a Buddhist.[2]

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Preceded by
Martina Thorogood
Miss Venezuela
Succeeded by
Cynthia Lander

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