Saint Eulogius of Alexandria
Bishop and Confessor
Born Syria
Died September 13, 608
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast September 13

Saint Eulogius of Alexandria was Greek Patriarch of that see (Eulogius I) from 580 to 608. He is regarded as a saint, with a feast day of September 13.

He was a successful combatant of the heretical errors then current in Egypt, notably the various phases of Monophysitism. He was a warm friend of Pope St. Gregory the Great, who corresponded with him, and received from that pope many flattering expressions of esteem and admiration. Among other merits the pope makes special mention of his defence of the primacy of the Roman See[1].

St. Eulogius refuted the Novatians, some communities of which ancient sect still existed in his diocese, and vindicated the hypostatic union of the two natures in Christ, against both Nestorius and Eutyches. Cardinal Baronius[2] says that Gregory wished Eulogius to survive him, recognizing in him the voice of truth.

It has been rightly said that he restored for a brief period to the Church of Alexandria that life and youthful vigour characteristic of those churches only which remain closely united to Rome.

Besides the above works and a commentary against various sects of Monophysites (Severians, Theodosians, Cainites and Acephali) he left eleven discourses in defence of Pope Leo I and the Council of Chalcedon, also a work against the Agnoetae, submitted by him before publication to Pope Gregory I, who after some observations authorized it unchanged. With exception of one sermon and a few fragments, all the writings of St. Eulogius have perished.


Preceded by
Greek Patriarch of Alexandria
Succeeded by
Theodore I


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  2. ad ann. 600, no. 5.

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This article incorporates text from the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913, a publication now in the publicЕвлогий (Патриарх Александрийский)

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