Mar Jacques-Eugene Manna (Syriac ܝܥܩܘܒ ܐܘܓܝܢ ܡܢܢܐ) was bishop of the Chaldean Catholic Church.


He was born in 1867 in Baqofah in Ninveh province in northern Iraq. He was ordained priest in August 15, 1889 by Mar Eliya XIV [XIII] Abulyonan and then consecrated bishop in 1902 until in his mysterious disappearance in February 1928 when several days later his body was found in the Tigris river.


  • Chaldean(Aramaic)-Arabic Dictionary: Mosul 1900.
  • A Grammar of the Aramaic Language: Mosul 1896.
  • A Collection of Syriac Literature: Mosul 1901.

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