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The following may be the most broadly agreed upon doctrines. They assert that specific beliefs are essential to Christianity, including:

  • God is The Trinity, an eternal being existing in three persons: God the Father, Son (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit.
  • Mary, the mother of Jesus, bore in her womb and gave birth to the Son of God, who although eternally existent was formed in her womb by the Spirit of God. From her humanity he received in his person, a human intellect and will, and all else that a child would naturally receive from its mother.
  • Jesus is both fully God and fully Man, two "natures" in one person.
  • Jesus was innocent of any sin. Through the death of Jesus, believers are forgiven of sins and reconciled to God (Atonement). Believers are baptized into the death of Christ. Through faith, they live by the promise of resurrection from death to everlasting life through Christ. The Holy Spirit is given to them, to bring hope and lead the Church into true knowledge of God and His purposes, and help them grow in holiness.
  • Jesus is the Messiah hoped for by the Jews, the heir to the throne of David. He reigns at the right hand of God with all authority and power. He is the hope of all mankind, their advocate and judge. Until he returns at the end of the age, the Church has the authority and obligation to preach the Gospel and to gather new disciples.
  • Jesus will return to receive the faithful to himself, so they will live eternally in the intimate presence of God.
  • Christians believe that the Bible is the word of God (authority of Scripture)

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