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Christianity needs conservatism to continue to grow and thrive as it has been. Why? Because increasingly the challenges to Christianity have been political in nature, and a political response is the most effective way to deal with a political challenge.

Liberal politics destroyed the thriving Christian churches in Massachusetts. In other parts of the world, politically driven Islam has overtaken Christianity and virtually abolished it.

Abortion, which is mostly driven by politics, has devastated Christian families in many parts of the world, especially England and the northeastern United States. Same-sex marriage, which is also politically driven, has caused ripped apart the Anglican and other Christian churches. Addictions such as gambling and pornography, which are also politically driven, have have devastating effects on Christian churches and families.

In some cases, billions of taxpayer money is used by government to erode and destroy Christian values, as in some of the curriculum taught in public schools. It is entirely up to Christian churches to identify, expose and combat these indirect attacks on Christianity. In Democratic states where the government-subsidized attacks on Christianity have been most severe, Christian churches have already lost much in support by not responding to this challenge.

The response is obvious: Christian churches need to become more openly conservative to combat these challenges and thrive.


Christianity has long been attacked by impostors, infiltrators and heretics. Like any movement, it has had both external and internal enemies. It is often impossible to determine the sincerity of one's claim of religious belief.

Political views, which are often the fruit of one's fundamental beliefs, can shed light on a person's true views and disclose contradictions that cry out for explanation. The single best predictor of how one votes in elections, for example, is how much time one spends in church.

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