Eric Scott Melvin, sometimes called Melvin for short, is a Jewish American musician. He is the rhythm guitarist in the California punk band NOFX. He has been in the band from its beginnings in the early 1980s to the present day. Eric has been known for his dreadlocks that vary in color each time NOFX performs. Though most recognized for his ability to play the guitar, Melvin can also play the accordion.

In the first episode of the NOFX world tour show on the Fuse TV Network, Mike "Fat Mike" Burkett said that although he, El Hefe, and Erik Sandin have all got better, Melvin still continues to play at the same level he did when the band first started.

Eric sings backup vocals on most NOFX songs and wrote guitar riffs on NOFX songs such as the intro for "Seeing Double at the Triple Rock". His vocal style is called the "Mel Yell."

Eric also plays in Punk Rock Karaoke with Steve Soto, Derek O'Brien and Greg Hetson where the motto is "We Play... You Sing!" On Me First and the Gimme Gimmes' tour of Europe in 2007 Melvin filled in for Fat Mike on bass. He recently got married.

Albums with NOFX

  • 1988 Liberal Animation
  • 1989 S&M Airlines
  • 1991 Ribbed
  • 1992 Maximum Rocknroll
  • 1992 The Longest Line
  • 1992 White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean
  • 1994 Punk in Drublic
  • 1995 I Heard They Suck Live!!
  • 1996 Heavy Petting Zoo
  • 1997 So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes
  • 1999 The Decline
  • 2000 Pump Up the Valuum
  • 2002 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records
  • 2003 The War on Errorism
  • 2006 Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
  • 2007 They've Actually Gotten Worse Live!
  • 2009 Coaster

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