Gotland-Dalhem Kyrka Glasmalerei 12

a 13th century version of the scene in stained-glass

The Entombment of Christ, or just Entombment, is the term in art history for the subject of Jesus being placed in his tomb. The subject was developed in Western Europe in the 10th century, and formed a common subject in cycles of the Life of Christ, where it follows the Deposition of Christ or the Lamentation of Christ, from the Renaissance sometimes being combined or conflated with one of these.[1]

The subject is covered by Chapters 19 and 20 of the Gospel of John, 27 of Matthew, 23 of Luke and Mark 15.

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  1. G Schiller, Iconography of Christian Art, Vol. II,1972 (English trans from German), Lund Humphries, London, p.164 ff, ISBN 853313245

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