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Ennio Antonelli
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Ennio Antonelli (born 18 November 1936) is an Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.

Early life and ordination

Born in Todi, he first attended seminary there, and subsequently studied in Assisi and the Pontifical Lateran University, Rome, where he was awarded a licentiate in sacred theology. Thereafter he earned a doctorate in Classics at the University of Perugia. He was ordained a priest for the diocese of Todi in 1960.

Ennio Cardinal Antonelli coa

Cardinal Antonelli's coat-of-arms on the basilica of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte. His episcopal motto is Voluntas Dei pax nostra, "The will of God is our peace".


He eventually became rector of the Seminary of Perugia and a professor of Classics in Assisi before being ordained a bishop in 1982, when Pope John Paul II named him to head the diocese of Gubbio. In 1988 he was advanced to Archbishop of Perugia-Città del Pieve, from which see he stepped down in 1995 to become Secretary-General of the Italian Episcopal Conference.


He served in this position until he was named to the see of Florence, whose archbishop is traditionally named a cardinal, and he was duly elevated in the consistory of 2003, with the Titulus S. Andreae Apostoli de Hortis.

He is President of the Pontifical Council for the Family since June 2008;[1] and was the Archbishop of Florence from March 2001 until June 2008.

Cardinal Antonelli was considered a papabile Italian candidate heading into the 2005 papal conclave in which Pope Benedict XVI was elected and at which Antonelli was a cardinal elector. Cardinal Antonelli remains eligible to vote in any future papal conclaves that occur before his 80th birthday on 18 November 2016. Pope Benedict appointed him President of the Pontifical Council for the Family in the Roman Curia on 7 June 2008.


Social justice

Cardinal Antonelli is generally seen as a moderate, with a strong interest in social justice and peace issues.

Catholic politicians who are divorced

His lack of interest in cracking heads over doctrinal issues became clear during Italian political campaigns in the 1990s, when some people wanted Church leaders to condemn Catholic politicians who are divorced. He took the view that personal morality belongs to the private sphere, and that in terms of politics, the Church should be more concerned with a politician's voting record.[2]

Traditional family

Cardinal Ennio Antonelli told Vatican Radio that the traditional family was needed more than ever today -- for family members and for society as a whole. "I view with concern this progressive slide toward a further privatization of the family, as if the family were irrelevant for society," he said.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Dionigi Tettamanzi
Secretary-General of the Italian Episcopal Conference
26 May 1995 – 5 April 2001
Succeeded by
Giuseppe Betori
Preceded by
Silvano Piovanelli
Archbishop of Florence
2001 – 2008
Succeeded by
Giuseppe Betori
Preceded by
Alfonso López Trujillo
President of the Pontifical Council for the Family
2008 – present

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