The English Missal is a missal first published by W. Knott & Son Limited in 1912 to be used by some of the more 'liturgically advanced' Anglo-Catholic parish churches.

Entirely in English, possibly with the exception of the 1933 Knott edition where the Canon of the Mass (Canon Missae) is also shown in Latin, it is almost entirely based on the Roman Missal of Pope Pius V as edited up until the time of Pope Pius X, with the exception that the lessons for all the Sundays of the year and certain feast days are taken from the Book of Common Prayer, which in turn are taken from the earlier Sarum Use Mass of pre-Reformation England. (The lessons from the Roman Missal for these days are confined to an appendix.)

It also includes options to use certain prayers in the Ordinary of the Mass taken from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. In addition it includes the ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Holy Week. The English Missal went through five editions, two of which include the revised Roman Catholic Holy Week of 1958, as well as one American edition that conforms to the American 1928 Book of Common Prayer. The English Missal has recently been reprinted by Canterbury Press.


Its origins lie with the Oxford Movement and the subsequent Ritualist or Anglo-Catholic Movement of clergy and lay people who found the Book of Common Prayer to be lacking in those ancient ceremonies that they wished to use.

Vatican II

Since the Second Vatican Council and the Anglican revisions of the 1960s onwards its use has much declined, though it continues to be used in a very small number of liturgically traditional Anglican parish churches in England, the United States of America and West Africa.

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