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2nd century CE depiction of Emperor Ku.

(Traditional Chinese: 嚳; Simplified Chinese: 喾), or Dì Kù (Traditional Chinese: 帝嚳; Simplified Chinese: 帝喾), also known as Gāoxīn Shì (Chinese: 高辛氏), was a mythical Emperor of China during the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors period. He was the son of Jiăo Jí (蟜極/蟜极), the grandson of Shăohào (少昊) and the great grandson of Huáng-dì (黃帝/黄帝), the Yellow Emperor.[1] According to speculative dates (from after 100 BCE, calculated by Liu Xin) he is supposed to have ruled from c. 2436 BCE – c. 2366 BCE, but other dates are also mentioned. Dì Kù established schools.


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