Emmanuel Korab is a Traditionalist Catholic bishop from the Czech Republic.

Following the precedent of Francis Schuckardt, he solicited ordination from and was ordained by a bishop of the Old Catholic Church, but did not become an Old Catholic priest himself.

He was later conditionally re-ordained by José Ramon Lopez-Gaston in 1994.

He was consecrated bishop in Czechoslovakia by a bishop of the Czech Old Catholic Church. Later he was conditionally re-consecrated on June 26, 1994 in Assisi, Italy by José Ramon Lopez-Gaston.

Mgr. Emmanuel Korab was sub-conditione to Episcopate by Mgr. Pavel Maria Hnilica S.J. (R.I.P) on Nov. 1999 at the Vatican,Rome.

Mgr. Emmanuel Korab sub-conditione to Episcopate Mgr. Michael French in May 2004.

Episcopal Lineage
Consecrated by: José Ramon Lopez-Gaston
Date of consecration: June 26, 1994

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